Epic Games Store unveiled free mystery game for Christmas Day, and it’s a big one

The Epic Games Store is releasing its 11th free game this holiday season, arguably the biggest game made available in this promotion to date.

[UPDATE: The release of Death Stranding Director’s Cut on the Epic Games Store led to such a high volume of users that the store page crashed. Epic Games responded quickly, and as of this writing, it appears to be back up. However, for as-of-yet unexplained reasons, it seems to only be giving away the base version of Death Stranding now. Original story follows.]

The 11th free Epic game store Mystery game this holiday season, available December 25th at 10am CT and continuing through the same time on December 26th Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. At the start of this year’s promotion, many fans may have been concerned about this this year, as many of the launch games fell into the smaller spectrum of games, but it’s been increasing over the past few days.


The Epic Games Store has seen the releases of three ahead of schedule in the past few days Stand out Games and Metro: Last Light Redux. All big games, but given death strandingpreviously exclusive to PlayStation (and remaining exclusive to console), the Kojima Productions pedigree, the additional content from the Director’s Cut and the general hype surrounding the recent announcement of Death Stranding 2it stands to reason that this is the biggest game of the season so far.

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death stranding is an action game trying to forge a new subgenre called the beach, all about making connections and in which players travel across the disastrous USA as Sam Bridges, a porter. There are asynchronous multiplayer elements and the game is often referred to as a walking simulator given Bridges’ profession. The Director’s Cut of death stranding includes additional content such as new graphics options, new combat skills, new items, a shooting range, the Roadster, new structures, new missions and much more.

Epic Games Store Free Games List – December 25th

Death Stranding-2

  • Death Stranding: Director’s Cut (from December 25, 10:00 AM CT to December 26, 10:00 AM CT)
  • RUMOR: FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch (from December 26 at 10:00 AM CT to December 27 at 10:00 AM CT)

As mentioned above, fans should also be aware that the Epic Games Store free game scheduled for December 26th has been leaked online. This comes from Dealabs and Twitter user Billbil-kun, who has accurately leaked EGS and PS Plus games in the past. They recently released the free PS Plus games for January 2023 FIST also leaked as an EGS game for December 26th.

FIST is a solid addition, although not on the level of death stranding, but these Epic Games Store promotions also usually end with a bang, meaning fans should keep an eye on the final day of the promotion. Again, as always, this should be treated with caution, but Billbil-kun’s track record is virtually flawless.

Epic game store Users get a handful of games each month.

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