Epic Games Store makes one of the biggest games ever made for Christmas

The Epic Games Store free games event in progress offers users potentially one of the store’s biggest games yet on Christmas Day. If it turns out people are hoping and expecting, this giveaway would result in a former PlayStation exclusive and one of the most talked about games of 2019 being free to anyone with an Epic Games Store account. This free game is nothing but death strandingthe latest game from Hideo Kojima, which is already getting a sequel as well as a movie set in the world of the first game.

messages from death stranding probably the next free game in the Epic Games Store holiday event, comes from the gift wrap teaser image to the next mystery game. Like the other teasers, it includes an icon that alludes to what the next game is supposed to be. This one shows a necklace with three rectangular objects hanging from it, a necklace that people believe is similar to the one Sam is wearing death stranding. That image can be seen below, along with a vote of confidence from Wario64, one of Twitter’s top gaming news and deal sources.

If this teaser wasn’t enough, other assets have reportedly already been found on the Epic Games Store to confirm this death stranding is in fact through the Epic Games Store free play on Christmas Day. Pictures showing the box art for death stranding Next in line for Epic Games’ free game giveaway, the claim was legitimized, and a teaser from the Chinese version of the Epic Games Store reportedly used the quote “Tomorrow is in your hands,” which is often used in marketing to promote the game to exaggerate the free game tomorrow.

Of course, nothing is confirmed until Epic Games officially announces its free game for December 25th, but it likely looks like it death stranding (the base edition and not the Director’s Cut, according to the leaks). The only other alternative suggested by some is that the game could be Raji: An old epic which features a necklace that is admittedly more similar to the one pictured, but the leaked assets and a belief in it death stranding a more appropriate big-name game for Christmas has caused many to cling to their beliefs death stranding the next free game on the Epic Games Store.

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