EndingWalker, 16, qualifies with Ed for the Capcom Cup after beating the top players in the UK Regional Finals

The Capcom Cup has been the grand stage for the new generation of Street Fighter players like Bandits|MenaRD and XSET|iDom to show their strength against the established best in the world, and there’s a new name to watch out for .

Just a month after winning the second offline Major he’s ever completed, 16-year-old EndingWalker has officially secured his ticket to Capcom Cup 9 after winning the UK’s Capcom Pro Tour Regional Finals with his seemingly unstoppable Ed would have.

Considering the boy had been dominating the region’s World Warrior CPT events throughout the season, his opponents would be prepared to make EndingWalker’s run look a lot less free than it was in Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022.

Mopuulapo would almost push the young competitor to the limit, successfully baiting his EX Psycho Upper and dodging Ed’s snapping V-Skill, earning the Balrog player a few wins.

However, EndingWalker was able to readjust and find the perfect holes to get his offensive pressure going again.

After defeating Musclenoob 3-1, the talented youngster was sent to the losers bracket of the winner’s final by Shakz, who managed to effectively counter EndingWalker’s game plan with Cammy.

Shakz used the Killer Bee’s strong mobility and range to avoid Ed’s offense or immediately interrupt it with smart checks to stay out of the Mixer.

EndingWalker would have to topple former Evo Champion Mouz|Problem X if he was to have any chance of making the Grand Finals, and in this case the rookie was the one who looked like a veteran.

The teenager seemed to have every answer to M. Bison’s buttons, constantly standing just out of reach of the dictator’s large, meaty claws.

With his season on the line, Problem X traded to Alex 0-2, which worked for the first game, but EndingWalker would make his own adjustments and cap his set with a perfect KO against one of the best SF5 players in the world.

One final time against Shakz, EndingWalker grew a little more patient in the rematch against Cammy and while he still had to take a good number of hits, he set the bracket back to 3-0.

Shakz made an attempt to switch to Luke in her 3rd set of the day, but Ending Walker pretty conveniently ended that idea too.

Despite overcoming a few obstacles, EndingWalker won both Grand Finals 3-0 and officially earned his place alongside the big boys at the Capcom Cup.

It will be very exciting to see what EndingWalker can do on the world stage over the next year and beyond when Capcom Cup 9 takes place on February 14-19, 2023.

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