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Tesla CEO and Twitter boss Elon Musk says he will make an alternative phone when Apple and Google launch Twitter from their app stores. Many people want him to go ahead with a phone launch, even if Apple and Google don’t deplatform Twitter.

Elon Musk could launch an alternative phone to compete with Apple and Google

Elon Musk on Friday announced the possibility that he could launch his own smartphone that would compete with iPhone and Android should Apple and Google de-platform his newly acquired social media company.

Twitter user Liz Wheeler suggested Musk should produce his own smartphone when Apple and Google boot Twitter from their app stores, adding that “half the country would happily ditch the biased, snooping iPhone and Android.” . Musk replied, “I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that, but yes, if there is no other choice, I will build an alternative phone.”

Elon Musk plans to launch an alternative phone when Apple and Google boot Twitter from their app stores

Musk’s plans for Twitter as a free speech platform could put the social media company at odds with Apple and Google, and the two tech giants could remove Twitter from their app stores.

The Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and even smaller app stores like the Amazon Appstore have rules designed to protect users from discrimination, bullying, harassment, and any content they find objectionable. They have delisted apps for poor content moderation methods as well as harmful content. Apple said in a letter to Congress last year that it removed over 30,000 apps from its Store in 2020 for objectionable content.

In January last year, Apple and Google suspended Parler, a social media app focused on free speech, following the Jan. 6 riots in the US capital. The two companies subsequently left the app back in their stores with some content excluded after significant changes to the app’s content moderation practices.

A lot of people want Musk to launch an alternative phone

Many people welcome the idea of ​​Musk making an alternative phone. “I would buy that. Do it too if the app stays,” exclaimed one Twitter user. Another said: “Do it anyway. There is a huge market for an alternative to Google and Apple.” A third user pointed out:

If Apple attempted the kind of strike against Twitter that it successfully launched against Parler, I can assure you, Elon Musk, that millions of us would have no hesitation in dropping our Apple iPhones and switching to your alternative model.

Some people warned about the reality of Musk launching an alternative phone. One opined, “Even if it’s Elon Musk, there are already dominant first movers in the space.” Another warned, “Even if he wanted that, it would take years [a] single phone went on sale. Phones rely on components from dozens of vendors. Just to get fabulous space for a processor would take years, TSMC has been fully booked for years and Samsung is way behind on its node processes.”

A third user shared: “Prediction: A Starlink connected Twitter phone: Always on, always connected, everywhere [the] World. Able to perform encrypted commutations and payments, all operating under space law. Imagine blockchain + communications hosted on microservers in space, beyond the reach of terrestrial governments.”

Additionally, the Tesla CEO also complained about the 15% to 30% cut Apple and Google get from in-app purchases, which could hurt Musk’s $8-a-month plans from Twitter verification subscriptions. On November 18, Musk tweeted:

The app store fees are obviously too high due to the iOS/Android duopoly. It’s a hidden 30% tax on the internet.

Musk recently revealed plans to build X, the everything app. He said buying Twitter will accelerate the creation of X by three to five years.

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