Demo games that you can play on a non-gaming PC

PCs are an incredibly useful tool for many activities including web browsing, personal projects, and various hobbies like photo editing, making music, vlogging, blogging, or gaming. Sure, you can engage in many hobbies and recreational activities with your PC, but gaming is one of the most popular.

Gambling is not a new activity on the market, but it has always adapted to trends and managed to stay at the forefront of preferences. Playing video games was a thing even before the internet became accessible and it has fascinated generations of children and adults alike.

Undoubtedly, the good news about video game development is diversity. You can find numerous types of video games depending on the features you want, characters, action tracks and even graphics.

The most popular games are still those that operate online, that is, those that require the internet to function. It’s unlikely you’ll still find popular games that only work offline, although some also offer the “offline feature” just to keep players happy.

Among the popular game genres, the most popular include shooter, simulation, action-adventure, sports, strategy, MOBA, and casino games. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference, as there is no such thing as a game or product that everyone likes.

Besides the game genres, it is also important to choose a compatible device for the products you enjoy. Today, gaming PCs and laptops are available for those who use them primarily for this activity, but they are not readily available to everyone.

That’s because they’re often expensive, require a lot of accessories to do their job, and not everyone can choose their laptop based solely on their passion. Some may also have to choose depending on their profession.

If you have a non-gaming PC but want to try some games, rest assured that there are many options to choose from.

Here are some demo games you can try for free on a non-gaming PC:

diner dash

Diner Dash is not a new game on the market, but it has attracted generations of players of all ages. Diner Dash is a simulation game that’s been around for years, and it’s still an excellent way to spend your free time, especially if you’re into simulation and management games.

There are multiple versions of the game, from the classic Diner Dash to versions like Diner Dash 2, Flo on the Go, and Cooking Dash. What you have to do is very simple: you become Flo, the sole manager of a restaurant responsible for taking care of the customers, from taking and delivering food orders to cleaning the tables.

You can find Diner Dash on various websites, from Steam to Shockwave, where you can download a free trial or buy the full product. The good news is that you certainly don’t need a gaming PC to play Diner Dash.

puzzle games

Mystery games are a perfect fit for those who love thrillers or horror movies. They imply different settings and stories, but the common goal is to find the clues needed to solve the puzzle.

You don’t need a gaming PC or laptop to play most mystery games, and the good news is that you can find plenty of free options, either online, in demo versions, or on gaming platforms.

For example, you can access mystery games like The Room or Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders, a game inspired by the British author’s popular novel.

online slots

Real money online slots are part of the vast majority of casino games and many players like them because they are easy to play and mostly have amazing graphics. You can find online demos for the most popular slot machines; This way you can see if you like the gameplay and graphics and if you want to play more.

What is particularly remarkable about online slot games is that if you choose reputable online casinos you can earn many rewards such as: New entries in free spins games, no deposit bonuses or VIP rewards.

Fourteen days

Fortnite is a free game that swept the internet and became a sensation around the world. It’s a fighting royalty, which means it has a little bit of everything from shooter to action, adventure and simulation elements.

You can play Fortnite even if you don’t own a gaming PC, and if you’re into creative and fun games, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Final Thoughts

Gaming is one of the most entertaining activities you can do from your PC or laptop without leaving the comfort of your home. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a gaming laptop or PC to play nice games these days. There are many gaming options to suit work PCs or just basic PCs, from mystery games to casino titles.

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