Childless woman refuses to trade vacation days so co-worker can take her kids to Disney World

Typically, obtaining time off requires requesting vacation weeks and in advance, and obtaining prior approval from the boss.

One woman did just that and was still asked if she could trade her vacation time with another employee so she could take her kids to Disney World.

The woman says she took Christmas week off to see her family.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 10 million times, Evie Marie explains how a mother she worked with gave her a hard time after refusing to swap vacation weeks with her so she could raise her children to Disney World over the Christmas holidays.

Marie merged her video with that of another TikTok user (_cal_cifer), in which she argues that vacation time at work shouldn’t be a priority for those who choose to have children.

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Marie jumped up to share her own experience of the situation. She explains that she used to work for a company and had to move to another country to work there.

“I worked with this woman, let’s call her Karen, who had two children,” she explains. “I also just want to mention that she and I got along very well up until this incident.”

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