Canada: Son of Murdered Billionaire Couple Triples Cash Bonus to CAD$35M | Canada

The son of a billionaire couple murdered five years ago has tripled a cash reward for information about the unsolved crime amid frustration at a lack of progress in the investigation and deep rifts within the family.

Barry Sherman, the founder of drug giant Apotex, and his wife Honey were believed to have been killed at their Toronto home on December 13, 2017. A realtor found the couple two days later in the pool area of ​​their home in the basement, with belts around their necks and tied to a pool railing.

The police initially assumed it was a murder-suicide. Investigators later determined the couple were victims of a “targeted” double homicide, but five years later the crime remains unsolved.

Last year, investigators asked the public for help identifying the “person walking,” a figure on a sidewalk whose actions were “highly suspicious,” police said in an apparent breakthrough. Police believe the man is linked to the murders but have still not been able to identify him.

“The closure will not be possible until those responsible for this evil act are brought to justice,” Jonathon Sherman, the couple’s son, said in a statement shared with CBC Toronto. “I’ve been overcome with pain, loss and grief, and those feelings just keep getting stronger.”

Last week, Jonathon’s sister, Alexandra Krawczyk, confirmed that the family’s C$10 million reward has not yet been claimed.

Now Jonathon has added C$25 million of his own money to increase the reward to C$35 million.

“This immeasurable pain is felt every day as I realize that my own two children will never have the privilege of meeting my parents who made my husband and me their lives possible,” he said. “I still miss my parents more than I can describe and I will forever haunt what happened to them.”

In recent years, Jonathan has said that Alexandra suggested that he may have played a role in their parents’ deaths, which destroyed a relationship between the two siblings.

Barry had reportedly asked Jonathon to pay him $50 million back because Barry’s company, Apotex, was short of cash in the weeks leading up to the murders.

“I can tell you I wasn’t involved,” Jonathon, who reportedly no longer speaks to Alexandra, told the Toronto Star in January last year.

Toronto Police said the investigation is still open and they remain “committed to solving this case and bringing the Shermans’ family and friends to a conclusion.”

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