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Updated December 12, 2022 4:36 p.m

Windows 11 best deals mrkeyshop

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Nowadays it is easy to forget to buy Windows 11 or any other operating system. You’ve already put all your time, money, and effort into choosing what’s best for your new gaming PC.

You’ve probably spent hours looking for the best GPU and CPU, then you’ve decided on a monitor, and then you’ve probably spent some time looking at keyboards, mice, and other peripherals.

We’re all experienced PC builders here at WePC, and even we often forget that you need an operating system to actually use the damn thing.

Since we’ve talked a lot about how to build a gaming PC over the years, we’re now going to cover how to buy Windows 11, how to avoid scams, and most importantly, where to buy it, with a little help from our friends over there at Mr Key Shop – one of the best websites to find real Windows keys up to 70% cheaper than the official store.

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Why Buy Windows 11? what’s new

Well, the answer isn’t necessarily as simple as “It’s the newest, so buy it”. Well, it kind of is, but it goes a little deeper than that as there are some key differences between Windows 11 and its predecessors.

Some of these are important improvements in terms of security and privacy, others are more superficial in nature, but since it is the operating system of the entire computer, all parts are important.

So before you grab a Windows 11 key from Mr Key Shop, here are the biggest differences in Windows 11 that most users should be aware of.

Windows 11 security

This is the most important part of upgrading to Windows 11, however it is also a sticking point for many as you may not actually be able to get Windows 11.

This is because Windows 11 requires a TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Unfortunately, this refers to a physical module on the motherboard, so there are now (legal) ways to get around it.

This means that you cannot upgrade to Windows 11 if your computer does not have a TPM module. We wrote a guide on how to enable TPM 2.0 in your BIOS if you’re curious.

Requiring a TPM module means that Windows 11 is far more secure when logging in since the TPM supports better cryptographic algorithms.

Additionally, Windows 11 helps improve security by hosting some virtualized security features in isolated sections of system memory. These security features reside in this isolated area, completely separate from the operating system itself, which is a particularly effective method of defending against the most common forms of cyberattacks.

Windows 11 theme

One of the more positive aspects of Windows 11 is the overhaul of the design. Depending on who you ask, this has been a long time coming.

The design changes bring a fresh new aesthetic to Windows, with the immediately visible difference being that the taskbar icons are centered. (You can change this back in the taskbar settings if you miss the old style, don’t worry).

Overall, the new design is much more minimalistic and much cleaner than previous iterations, and has garnered a lot of praise since its release.

Should I upgrade to Windows 11?

Now is the perfect time to upgrade to Windows 11. Not only do you get up to 70% off Windows 11 variants, courtesy of Mr Key Shop, but Windows 11 is finally stable.

The bumpy release of Windows 11 shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as Microsoft has a sordid history of buggy updates and Windows 11 has been particularly difficult.

Of course, there’s always an early adopter tax, which was particularly high with Windows 11, but all of the major bugs have been ironed out in the year since initial release.

So it’s finally stable and costs a lot less than it used to, especially when you get a discounted windows key from Mr Key Shop.

  • Windows 11 Home – $69.99 (was $169.99)
  • Windows 11 Professional – $79.99 (was $179.99)
  • Windows 11 Enterprise – $109.99 (was $229.99)

The best Windows 11 deals

How to get Windows 11 at the best price

There are many software resellers online, but Mr Key Shop is not just one of many and not only allows you to get Windows 11 at the best price: the store is a reputable address with a 5-star rating and more than 2000 positives reviews TrustPilot and offers a full money-back guarantee in the event of a bad purchase.

As we wrote in the last one Black FridayIn addition to Windows 11, Mr Key Shop offers many other software deals: In the store you will find the other versions of the Microsoft operating system (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7) or Get Microsoft Office cheap (many versions for both PC and Mac), the best antivirus and VPNs, and more. So if you want to complete your PC upgrade, you can Buy Office 2021 at a very low price – or you can save even more money if you Buy Windows 10 then upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

Mr Key Shop has been in the IT market for over 18 years and serves more than 350,000 satisfied customers. It is one of the digital market leaders in the global software retail segment. Mr Key Shop delivers products exclusively via email and is a 100% eco-friendly company that reduces pollution and packaging waste.

How do I download Windows 11?

Well, luckily, Windows 11 is a free upgrade if you Buy Windows 10 first or if you already have Windows 10 installed. In that case, you can use the Windows 11 setup wizard to get the job done without having to download anything. However, when you build a new PC you need a fresh install of Windows, so how exactly do you do that?

In years past, you would typically be sent a physical disc with a code on the inside of the case to validate the installation. This was a good system at the time as physical paper codes are very secure.

However, with disc drives all but forgotten, the most common way to install new copies of Windows has now shifted to what is known as an ISO.

An ISO is a “disk image” that is essentially a downloadable version of a disc’s contents, allowing the installation process to mirror that of a physical disc.

You can get this ISO from the official Download page for Windows 11 or anywhere since it’s the same download for everyone, but without a key it’s pretty much useless. Here we see another key advantage of the Mr Key Shop experience: if you buy a Windows 11 product key from this shop, not only will you receive the key by email in a few seconds, you will also receive a secure download link for the ISO : Just click on it to download the installation file.

Mr Key Shop streamlines the whole process. Instead of downloading potentially dangerous ISO images from one source, getting a key for another, and then laboriously Googling your way through the process, you get a clean, almost bespoke installation experience.

How do I install Windows 11?

Along with the product key and ISO file download link, you will also receive clear Windows 11 installation instructions with the delivery email, along with free English-speaking customer support contacts should you encounter any problems or confusion. Nevertheless, we can spoil it briefly: To install your new operating system, double-click on the ISO file and follow the instructions that you receive on the monitor. yes it is easy

It’s worth noting that if you’re installing Windows on a newly built PC, you should create Windows 11 installation media: you’ll need a USB flash drive with at least 6GB capacity, properly formatted for a Windows installation . Luckily, this is all covered in the convenient email you receive from Mr Key Shop.

How to activate Windows 11

That’s how it’s done Activate Windows 11 Using a product key:

  • The Windows 11 product key can be found in the delivery email that Mr Key Shop sends after purchase.
  • Click on that start menuwrite “settings‘ and click on the first result that appears.
  • In the settings, click “system‘ and then to ‘activation“.
  • Now click on “Change the product key‘ and enter the product key.
  • Click on “Next‘ and then select ‘activate‘ to activate Windows 11.

Formatting your computer or reinstalling Windows 11 is not a problem because the licenses purchased from Mr Key Shop are lifetime like the digital licenses provided by Microsoft. As long as your Windows 11 license is only used on one PC at a time, it can be reactivated at any time as explained above.

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