Build your ultimate dream gaming PC in the new PC building sim

Developer Spiral House announced in March the continuation of the original PC Building Simulator software. So if you liked or were fascinated by the original simulator, now is your chance to try the new version. PC building simulator 2 (opens in new tab) start the open beta on Friday and the free trial period runs until June 20th.

In case you’ve never heard of PC Building Simulator, the game lives up to its name. It was initially touted as a way to try out different components in different cases in a 3D environment so you could test and tweak PC builds before buying the hardware. It grew and included many DLCs filled with components and peripheral models of different brands as a simulator game. The game consists of a PC Build and Repair Shop career mode and might even show you projected 3DMark benchmark results of the DIY builds you’ve summoned.

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