Best Gaming Chair for Developers 2022

Become a posture paragon with the best gaming chair for developers

Updated December 20, 2022 11:18 am

Best gaming chair for developers

Searching for the best gaming chair for developers is a much needed page here. Developers inevitably spend long hours at their desks poring over problematic code.

Unless you’re a freelance dot-com guy from San Francisco working in a funky office with exercise balls for chairs, your current seating situation is probably not optimal.

So we’re going to figure out what makes the best gaming chair for developers, crown our king, and include a backup option for those too demanding to go with the first link they see.

We’ll try to find the perfect chair for most of the work and some play. Happily. There are enough chairs these days that can actually double the power and work just as well in the office as they did in Dust 2.

Best Gaming Chair for Developers: Secretlab Titan EVO 2022

At this point, we’d love to start recommending something other than Secretlab chairs, but honestly, when it comes to perfectly balancing ergonomics, comfort, and adjustability, nobody does it better.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series

Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 series

Altitude range (medium size)

5’6″ – 6’0″

Of course, comfort is paramount, but when we’re trying to find the best gaming chair for developers, ergonomics is the be-all and end-all.

The best feature of the Titan EVO 2022 series is the 4-way L-ADAPT lumbar support system. It’s a new mechanism in the backrest that allows you to move the lumbar support up, down, in, out, and even pivot to help users who aren’t sitting perfectly straight.

Best ergonomic gaming chair for developers: noblechairs HERO TX

We’ve mentioned it before, but if you really want to improve your posture and reduce your back pain, then consistent sitting is the best way to go.

That’s why we’re going back to the noblechairs HERO TX. A chair that becomes actively uncomfortable if you’re not sitting properly.

noblechairs hero tx anthracite

noblechairs Hero TX – Anthracite

Adjustable backrest angle

90° to 125°

We’re not sure if that’s what the designers intended, but many other chairs remain comfortable for leaning or sitting oddly, while the HERO TX’s padding doesn’t work well if you’re not seated properly.

So if you’re okay with being whipped in line by an inanimate object, the noblechairs HERO TX might just be the best gaming chair for developers in 2022.

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