Anbernic’s Win600 handheld gaming PC is available now for $300+

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Anbernic is a Chinese company that manufactures handheld gaming devices, most of which are retro gaming devices powered by ARM processors and designed to run Android or Linux software. But now the company has launched its first handheld gaming PC with an x86 processor.

That Bernic Win600 is a full-fledged computer that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home, but also supports the Linux-based Steam OS. First announced in January, the Win600 is available now at or the company’s AliExpress store. Prices range from $300 for an entry-level model to $475 for top-tier configurations. Just keep in mind that Anbernic’s top model is significantly less powerful than a similarly priced Steam deck, although there might still be a few reasons to consider the Win600.

First, the Anbernic Win600 is significantly smaller than a Steam deck, measuring 236 x 103 x 22mm and weighing 490 grams compared to the Steam deck’s 298 x 117 x 49mm and 669 grams.

A second benefit is that both the Win600’s memory and storage are user upgradeable, while only the SSD in the Steam Deck can be replaced. And third, it ships with Windows, while the Steam Deck comes preinstalled with Valve’s custom Linux distribution (meaning you’ll need a Windows license if you want to install Microsoft’s OS).

Despite this, the Win600 still looks like a pretty tough sell. Early reviews suggest that the AMD Athlon Silver 3050e processor with Radeon Vega 3 graphics offers just one-sixth the graphics performance of the Steam Deck, making it a solid choice for indie games, some retro titles, and maybe a handful of modern ones games makes. But it’s hardly a speed demon.

When Anbernic first announced plans to enter the PC gaming space, it was easy to imagine that the company would do so with a budget-friendly device. But while the Win600 is technically cheaper than a Steam deck, it’s not a lot of more affordable. And in recent weeks, several other companies have announced cheaper products with similar or better specs, including AYN Loki Zero (AMD Athlon 3050e for $199 and up), AYA Neo Air Plus (Intel or AMD options for $249-$299) and AYN Loki Mini and Mini Pro (Intel and AMD options for $260-$299).

But there’s a fourth reason to consider the Win600: you don’t have to wait that long to get one. While Valve has been increasing Steam Deck inventory over the past few months, there’s still a waiting list and if you buy one today, you might have to wait a few months for it to arrive. The Anbernic Win600 is usually delivered within one to two weeks.

Here is an overview of the key specifications for the Anbernic Win600:

Bernic Win600 (3020e) Bernic Win600 (3050e)
advertisement 5.94 inches
1280×720 pixels
processor AMD Athlon Silver 3020e
2 cores / 2 threads
Up to 2.6GHz
AMD Athlon Silver 3050e
2 cores / 4 threads
Up to 2.8GHz
graphic AMD Radeon Vega3
Up to 1GHz
R.A.M. 8GB or 16GB
one channel
User updatable
storage 128GB
PCIe 3.0
M.2 2242
SATA 3.0
User updatable
256GB or 1TB
PCIe 3.0
M.2 2242
SATA 3.0
User updatable
battery 39Wh
Load 45W
ports 1x USB Type-C
1x USB 3.0 Type-A
1 x 3.5mm Audio
Wireless wifi 5
Bluetooth 4.2
Audio stereo speakers
3.5mm audio
operating system Windows 10 Home (preinstalled)
Steam operating system (supported)
Dimensions 236 x 103 x 22mm
weight 490 grams
Price $300 $375

When Anbernic first released the Win600, it was only available with 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. But in September, the company added a new top-tier configuration that includes the more powerful Athlon Silver 3050e processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage. This model will cost around $475 as of mid-September 2022.

In terms of physical design, the Anbernic Win600 features a small screen surrounded by game controllers, including a D-Pad, two analog sticks, action, launch, and select buttons, and shoulder buttons. The system also features dual vibration motors.

There’s an air vent on the back, indicating the device is actively cooled, and USB Type-A and Type-C ports on the top of the system. There’s also a Home button on one side and a Windows button on the other, which will likely act as the Start button. Other features are expected to include stereo speakers, a 3.5mm audio jack and a microphone.

There’s also a switch on the left side of the device that lets you toggle between game controller and mouse mode, a feature we’ve seen on some other Windows-based handhelds, making Windows a little easier to navigate on devices without a mouse or physical keyboard.

While support for user-upgradable memory is common in modern handheld gaming PCs, the ability to replace or upgrade memory helps set the Win600 apart. Unfortunately, so is the fact that this model only supports single-channel RAM.

With the Windows 10 Home software preinstalled, it should be easy to install popular game clients from Steam, Epic or GOG, among others. But if you prefer an operating system built from the ground up for gaming, Anbernic has also released software and instructions for installing Steam OS, the Linux-based operating system that Valve uses for its Steam Deck handheld PC (which also has an AMD -Processor developed with Radeon graphics).

The decision to go with AMD Athlon Silver 3000 series chips may have been a decision to keep the price down, but it means the Win600 doesn’t offer the same level of performance that you’d find from higher-end, higher-performing handhelds CPU and GPU hardware.

However, the chips should be able to handle retro games, some indie games, and maybe even some recent AAA titles on low graphics settings. Third-party reviews suggest this isn’t a bad device…it just might not be very well priced.

The Win600 joins an increasingly crowded space currently being occupied by small Chinese companies such as GPD, One Netbook and AYA, as well as Valve’s Steam Deck (which ships with the Linux-based Steam operating system, but has all the necessary for Windows hardware) gaming is populated when someone feels the urge to replace the operating system).

This is how the Anbernic Win600 compares to the competition:

over Drix, Taki Udon/r/anbernic (1)(2), Obscure handheldsand Retro Games Corp

This article was originally published on January 17, 2022 and last updated on September 12, 2022.

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