America’s most Googled term in 2022 is a mystery

What six letters confused the whole nation this year?


The daily brain teaser was the most searched term in 2022, according to Google data, closely followed by “election results,” as just last month millions of Americans sat on the edge of their seats waiting to see who would have the future of the country after the Midterms in her hands.

“Among the extreme ups and downs, including national grief and geopolitical instability, it’s humbling to see a game like Wordle bring solace,” Matt Cooke, head of Google News Lab, told the Daily Mail.

Among the many tragic notable deaths this year, Betty White, Queen Elizabeth II and Bob Saget led Google Trends data.

White, who died just days before her 100th birthday, was the nation’s sweetheart – and her death shocked devoted fans who prayed for her longevity. Saget died that same month, in January, aged just 65.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and Will Smith reigned as the year’s hottest people — likely due in part to the explosive defamation lawsuit between the two exes and the latter’s infamous Oscar smack.

Wordle was the most searched term of the year.
Bob Saget
Celebrity deaths also rocked the nation as many household favorites died, including Bob Saget.
AFP via Getty Images
Betty White
Betty White died just days before turning 100.
Getty Images

Even Anna Sorokin – aka Anna Delvey – has made her way onto the trend charts, landing at #6. She was the subject of a mini-series about her life as a fake heiress in the Big Apple, and eventually ended up behind bars in 2019 despite her extensive white-collar crime record Sorokin still retained her personality as a celebrity.

But all the excitement of 2022 seemed to revolve around love, too. A-list relationships have always been a fascination, but Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson took the cake for the top trending celebrity breakup.

The couple’s sweet reunion was featured on Saturday Night Live late last year – and weeks later, the unlikely couple’s relationship blossomed. From beach vacations to red carpet arrivals, the two were the internet’s hottest topic until it all went up in smoke.

Thor movie
Thor: Love and Thunder ranked high on the trending searches list.
Jasin Boland
The Slap: Will Smith and Chris Rock
The infamous slap in the face at this year’s Oscars triggered a Google frenzy.
AFP via Getty Images

Encanto captured America’s heart with its enticing, animated choruses and topped the film category for top trending film in 2022. Action films Thor: Love and Thunder and Top Gun: Maverick took second and third respectively as Chris Hemsworth’s raging muscles and Miles Teller’s bushy ‘abs’ sent the crowds swooning.

Still from Encanto
“Encanto” took first place in the “Trending Movies” category.
Disney / The Hollywood Archive /
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp was among the top trending people googled this year.

Euphoria surpassed Stranger Things as the #1 trending TV show, knocking out the Netflix thriller to second place. Zendaya, who plays Rue in the HBO hit “Euphoria,” took home this year’s Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

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