AMD’s innovative new RDNA 3 GPU started as a doodle during a boring meeting

“It’s amazing how much architecture is painted on hotel napkins,” AMD colleague Andy Pomianowski tells a room full of press at AMD’s RDNA 3 launch event. It’s new to me. I’d always assumed that a liberal amount of wipeboard markers was the best way to jot down upcoming ideas. However, RDNA 3’s chiplet architecture was first written down on a thin piece of paper during an off-site staff meeting at a hotel.

“We face challenges. How do we provide our customers with the best product? We’ve had a lot of success in the server and desktop markets, and the application of this technology to GPUs wasn’t obvious,” Sam Naffziger, corporate fellow at AMD, tells us.

Left to right: Joe Macri, SVP, Corporate Fellow; Andy Pomianowski, Corp. VP, Silicon Design and Engineering; Samuel Naffziger, SVP, Corporate Fellow; Michael Mantor Corp. Fellow. (Image credit: Future)

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“Mike [Mantor] and Andi [Pomianowski] had very aggressive goals, a lot of features and goals that we knew we couldn’t achieve in combination without doing something else.”

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