6 Foreign Nations Spent 0,000 At The Trump Hotel

6 Foreign Nations Spent $750,000 At The Trump Hotel

The House Oversight and Reform Committee said Monday officials from six foreign governments spent $750,000 at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC while attempting to influence US policy during the Trump presidency.

Committee Chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney (DN.Y.) released a series of documents showing officials from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey and China until Spent $10,000 a night on “spacious rooms” at the Trump Hotel.

“These documents sharply question the extent to which President Trump’s administration has been guided by his personal financial interests rather than the best interests of the American people,” Maloney said in a statement Monday.

The House committee has subpoenaed the documents from international financial accounting firm Mazars USA, which once worked extensively with Trump but has since severed ties.

The committee launched an investigation in 2019 into potential conflicts of interest, inaccurate financial disclosures, and eligibility clause violations during Trump’s presidency.

The committee agreed in September to preserve Trump’s financial documents after a protracted legal battle with the former president.

According to the newly released documents, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak visited the Trump International Hotel in September 2017 as part of a Justice Department investigation into allegations that Razak and his family had looted a Malaysian wealth fund and laundered money through US financial institutions.

Razak spent at least $259,724 from Sept. 7-15 this year, according to the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and was praised during Trump’s visit. Razak was convicted in Malaysia in 2020 on corruption charges.

Representatives from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, both of which had close ties to the Trump administration, spent at least $164,929 from late 2017 to mid-2018, according to the committee’s documents.

In April 2018, Qatari government officials spent more than $300,000 at the Trump Hotel, documents show. Trump reportedly praised Qatari leaders during the visit.

Officials from Turkey and China also spent thousands of dollars in hotels during the Trump presidency when traveling to the United States for political reasons.

The House committee said it would release more records of Trump’s hotel spending by the end of November.

“These documents, which the committee continues to receive from Mazars, will inform our legislative efforts to ensure future presidents do not abuse their position of power for personal gain,” Maloney said in her statement.

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