5 landing pads for transfer from Coastal Carolina

A quick trigger, top-notch processing skills, and that innate ability to sense both pressure and space, Grayson McCall could be the most polished quarterback in the world transfer portal. His rating of 94 and No. 3 overall – above all other QBs – in the rankings of the 247Sports transfer portal confirms this.

At the very least, McCall is the most prolific and one of the most unique talents on the planet open market. He was a magician who directed this former Coastal Carolina coach’s fantastically fun and unique spread triple option attack James Chadwell manufactured and built over time.

So many of McCall’s throws are open because the scheme is so solid. But it works both ways; The scheme is solid because McCall executed so well, with the above traits making him a maestro in the RPO/Quick Release game, as well as the deep-shot emphasis Chadwell has in the extended triple option games. Rushing attack mixed.

Conflict is the name of the game, and McCall is successful in capitalizing on the confusion this system has created among defenders. The 22-year-old North Carolina native has three years of starting experience, rushing for 8,019 yards and 78 touchdowns with 8 interceptions.

Oh, and he also has 1,053 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns. Pro Football Focus has ranked him between 88.2 and 92.4 for the last three seasons, so he’s not only productive but efficient too.

Three qualities that make McCall such an interesting QB in this market:

1. Deep Ball Accuracy

McCall doesn’t have a gun. His torque on throws is limited, with most of his work going through midfield… and that’s an issue P5 teams need to figure out if they can either work around it or maybe improve on it.

But don’t confuse that with a lack of deep ball ability.

McCall is a truly great deep ball thrower who combines touch and accuracy with off-field shots. It kind of reminds me of something Gardner Minshew was in college.

This ability is noticeable when observing him, but it is reflected in the metrics. PFF gave McCall a 98.2 on passes more than 20 yards downfield. That led the country.

2. Quick release

The RPO game works at such a high level for McCall because he is an excellent game processor with quick diagnostic skills.

But you also have to get rid of the ball quickly.

And McCall’s ability to transition from a one-runner handoff to a pull-and-pop is outstanding.

3. Running Skills

He’s not a top runner, but McCall is a damn good one. And a smart one.

He’s both a scrambler who can keep a game alive and a runner/passer when he leaves the pocket.

And McCall is also a magician at finding wrinkles and working as a designer runner for extra mileage. At 6-foot-3, 215 pounds, he’s the size to finish runs.

There are a number of core skills that teams across the country should find intriguing. Which programs would make sense for McCall and vice versa?

These are five programs where I think McCall could be successful…

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