5 Advantages Of Using Gaming PCs Over Consoles (2022)

If you are planning to buy a system for gaming, deciding between a gaming PC and a console can be difficult. Both offer different benefits and the ideal way would be to have both systems on your desk. But this is not the most economical option.

Investing in a gaming PC offers a variety of benefits that allow the user to do much more than just play games. A computer is versatile and not only provides people with a platform to play, but is also capable of performing various tasks. This includes video editing, graphic design, and more. It can also be used as an entertainment hub.

Additionally, the PC market is slowly recovering from the hit it was dealt by the semiconductor shortage and there’s never been a better time to buy a gaming computer.

Gaming PCs offer more advantages compared to consoles

1) Many input options

Xbox Gamepad, DualShock 4 and Razer Mamba (Image by Sportskeeda)Various parts can be upgraded or replaced (Image via u/TIK_GT/Reddit)A custom gaming PC openly mounted to the wall (Image via YouTube/Bro Cooling)The Xbox App for PC (Image by Microsoft)PlayStation Plus is a requirement for online gaming on a Sony console (Image via Sony)

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