12 Asian countries in the top 25 deadliest popular travel destinations

In a list of the world’s 50 most-visited countries, ranked by their safety, 12 of the 25 deadliest destinations were Asian countries.

Despite the dominance of various travel guides and must-visit lists, Asian countries did not fare well in a recent safety index published by insurance comparison website The Swiftest.

The ranking was determined using seven factors: fatality rate, road traffic fatality rate, death rate from poisoning, death rate from unsanitary conditions, years of life lost due to communicable diseases, years of life lost due to injuries, and natural disaster risk.

From deadliest to least deadly: India, Cambodia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates all made the top 25 deadliest countries, while South Korea, Japan, Israel and Singapore were among the bottom 25. South Africa was ranked as the deadliest country for tourists.

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The list ranked India as the second-deadliest country and Singapore as the safest.

Out of the 50 most visited countries, India had the highest percentage of deaths due to poor sanitation conditions (18.6 per 100,000 population). The country’s extreme wealth disparity was also listed as a contributing factor, with an estimated 1.3 billion people living in poverty and poor living conditions.

Singapore was ranked as the safest country with low homicide and road fatality rates and a low risk of natural disasters. The Swiftest attributes Singapore’s security to high penalties for crimes in the country and extensive police surveillance.

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Of those with the highest homicide death rates, the Philippines and India were listed in the top 10.

Asian countries dominated the list of countries with the highest number of road fatalities, with Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, Cambodia and China occupying seven out of ten spots.

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China, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia were listed with the highest fatality rates from poisoning, although poisoning incidents in China are suspected to be underreported.

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Six Asian countries were listed with the highest percentage of deaths from poor hygiene conditions, including India, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea.

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